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Cosmetic products placed on the European market must meet the requirements outlined in Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 on cosmetic products. With the Step-by-Step assistance by our specialists discover the 6 effective steps to successfully place a cosmetic product on the EU market.

  1. Validating the composition of a formula
  2. Review of label & claims
  3. Standard Testing for the cosmetics in EU
    a) Stability test
    b) Preservative Efficacy Testing (Challenge test)
    c) Microbiological analysis
    d) Testing for special claims (SPF, UVA, Sensitive Skin, Hydration, Antiwrinkle etc.)
  4. CPSR
  5. PIF
  6. CPNP

Food Supplements

Food supplements are classified foodstuffs under EU General Food Law Regulation (EC) No 178/2002.

The food company operator who places the product on the market bears responsibility for the product’s safety. Because of the specialized nature of food supplements and the need to maintain product safety, they require special laboratory oversight.

Our services related to food supplements quality testing includes:

  • Microbiological testing
  • Vitamin testing
  • Heavy metals testing

Disinfectants, Biocides, and Skin Antiseptics

All biocidal products must be approved by a competent authority before being placed on the market, according to the Biocidal Products Regulation. Authorities can only provide approval if the evaluation proves that the product’s use is safe for human and animal health, as well as the environment.

The product’s efficacy for the intended usage must also be demonstrated.

Our laboratory provides obligatory testing (EN standards) for the evaluation of disinfectants, biocides, and skin antiseptics’ microbiological efficacy.

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